Building Wildlife Changes Objectives

Building Wildlife are proud to announce that it has changed it’s objectives, enabling it to support a much wider number and type of conservation projects and initiatives, to even further promote good practice in connection with building development.

Read what this means for conservation projects in North East Wales here.

Until recently, the primary objective of Building Wildlife has been to support conservation projects and initiatives for the great crested newt populations in North East Wales. As a result of a change in objectives, Building Wildlife has now widened its scope to support projects that embrace the Welsh priority species and habitats as defined in legislation under Section 7 of the Environment (Wales Act) 2016.

To read more about the change in objectives, the additional species and habits that Building Wildlife are now able to support, and how the change in objectives can enhance the can support provided for conservation projects, you can read our re-launch presentations here. 

The Trust’s overarching mission is to secure a sustainable future for wildlife and habitat conservation in North East Wales. 

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