The Board – Richard D Jones

richardOn leaving school Richard Jones worked at Leyland Motors Leyland Lancashire and was able to observe the manufacture of lorries which were destined for normal road use to very heavy wagons for use in the forests of the world.

He then entered a five year apprentice at Camel Laird, Birkenhead as an Engineering Pattern Maker.

He left Lairds and finished his 5 year apprenticeship at ‘Chester Hydraulic’ Brook Street Chester, where hydraulic machines were manufactured for companies destined for all over the world. In Rio de Janeiro, the Chester Hydraulic Company was instrumental in the design and installation of the city’s complete Hydraulic Waste System.. Chester Hydraulic had the deepest casting pit in the UK which was some 40ft in depth.

On completion of his apprenticeship he attained a general teaching diploma, taught for about three years then left the profession and started a business manufacturing furniture and joinery called ‘Custom Built’ later changing to North Wales Timber Merchants (Buckley) Ltd. This business has continued for some 35 years and evolved into one of the country’s largest independent sites of its type.

In 1994 he set up a farriers supply business, ‘NWT Horseshoes Ltd’ which has become a major supplier to all 2,500 farriers in the UK.

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